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Frequently Asked Questions


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Where is the Provider Service Center located?

It is housed at MCCS.

Who updates the website for manuals?

MCCS sends the updates and changes once received from DHHS.


Can I add a beneficiary to the TAD if documentation is not approved?

You must have authorized signed documentation in order to add a beneficiary to your TAD. You should not add a beneficiary before the DHHS 181 is forwarded to DHHS Medicaid Eligibility for approval. Contact your Eligibility office if additional information is needed.

Can you add beneficiaries or other information to the TAD for me?

No, MCCS staff cannot add any information to the TAD. You can only make changes via DHHS Form 181, CRCF 01 and IPC change forms.

Can you assist with Medicaid/bed hold billing procedures?

An authorized SNF 181 along with a separate Medicare-to-Medicaid bed hold billing 181 is required.

Can you correct the 181/CRCF-01 form?

No. MCCS staff cannot make corrections to the DHHS Form 181 or CRCF 01 form.

Does the Nursing Facility (NF), Intermediate Care Facility (ICF) / Mental Retardation (MR) or Swing Bed facility have to wait for a denial from DHHS before submitting an invoice to the hospice agency?

Yes. The denial must be attached.

I did not receive my TAD. Can you fax/mail a copy?

MCCS can send a copy of the TAD when requested.

Is an eligibility signature required for termination? (Nursing Home)

No signature is required for terminations.

Is the date of discharge for Nursing Facilities or Intermediate Care Facility (ICF) / Mental Retardation (MR) room and board Medicaid reimbursable?

Nursing Facilities and ICFs/MR are not reimbursed for the date of discharge.

Nursing Facilities and ICFs/MR should not invoice hospice agencies for the date of discharge. The date of hospice discharge for a reason other than death or transfer to another facility is billed to Medicaid.

For example: If the person was in an NF or ICF/MR facility from Feb. 1 to Feb. 23, 2013, and was enrolled in hospice from Feb. 1 to Feb. 14, 2013, the hospice would pay NF or ICF/MR the room and board for Feb. 1 to Feb. 13, 2013. Medicaid would pay the NF or ICF/MR for dates of service from Feb. 14 to Feb. 22, 2013. 

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