Web Tool simulations, Healthy Connections Medicaid procedures and principles...offered through: visual reference guides, simulations, podcasts, interactive forms, and more.

Healthy Connections Prime is a new program that combines all of the benefits of Medicare and South Carolina Healthy Connections Medicaid under a single Medicare-Medicaid plan to make it easier for members to get needed health services. Learn more...

Presumptive Eligibility for Medicaid in Hospitals is a program created as a way to reach individuals who are eligible for Medicaid but not yet enrolled. 

CLTC: Community Long Term Care Training for case managers and nurses. Some of these resources supplement the CLTC Case Management classroom training.

Register for Healthy Connections Medicaid live provider workshops: Medicaid Basics, SC Web Tool, Claim-Level Adjustments, Third-Party Liability.

Repository of South Carolina (SC) Medicaid learning resources:  Workshop Registration, The Visual Medicaid Basic Books, Podcasts on Third-Party Liability, South Carolina (SC) Web Tool, CMS-1500 and remit Rollover Forms, Learning Games for claims processing, FAQs for the SC Web Tool, videos on Credit Balance Reporting.