Web Tool simulations, Healthy Connections Medicaid procedures and principles...offered through: visual reference guides, simulations, podcasts, interactive forms, and more.

Healthy Connections Prime is a new program that combines all of the benefits of Medicare and South Carolina Healthy Connections Medicaid under a single Medicare-Medicaid plan to make it easier for members to get needed health services. Learn more...

Presumptive Eligibility for Medicaid in Hospitals is a program created as a way to reach individuals who are eligible for Medicaid but not yet enrolled. 

CLTC: Community Long Term Care Training for case managers and nurses. Some of these resources supplement the CLTC Case Management classroom training.

Register for Healthy Connections Medicaid live provider workshops: Medicaid Basics, SC Web Tool, Claim-Level Adjustments, Third-Party Liability.

Repository of South Carolina (SC) Medicaid learning resources:  Workshop Registration, The Visual Medicaid Basic Books, Podcasts on Third-Party Liability, South Carolina (SC) Web Tool, CMS-1500 and remit Rollover Forms, Learning Games for claims processing, FAQs for the SC Web Tool, videos on Credit Balance Reporting.

Training for waiver case managers to assist participants in gaining access to needed waiver and other State plan services, as well as medical, social, education and other services.