Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions


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Will the hospice agency receive a copy of the DHHS Form 181 when the recurring income changes?

Yes, they will receive a copy of the 181 to verify the income change. It is recommended that the NF or ICF/MR attach a copy of the most current 181 when invoicing the hospice. Recurring income is noted in Section III of DHHS Form 181. Medicaid Eligibility is responsible for determining recurring income.

Will the system distinguish that a company has multiple provider numbers?

Yes, make sure all their information is correct when completing the claim form.

Will there be training available for the South Carolina Healthy Connections Medicaid provider revalidation process?

There will be webinars, e-learning opportunities, and classroom training sessions available. For information about dates, times and registration, please visit Revalidation FAQs PDF

Will voids show up on the remit?


Will Web Tool list information auto-update for you as changes are made?

No, it is not tied to another system. Updates are your responsibility.

Would you ever get locked out of the Web Tool if you put your password in wrong?

No, there is no limit on password attempts. 

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