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Frequently Asked Questions


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How are split claims broken up?

A 10 in your CCN represents 8 lines; 20 is the next 8 lines, etc.

How can a provider check to see if the ordering/referring physician is enrolled with Medicaid?



On the SCDHHS website, there is a searchable listing of Enrolled Providers under the For Providers tab. If the provider is not listed, then the provider is not currently enrolled with Medicaid. You may also contact the Provider Service Center at 1 (888) 289-0709, option 4 to verify the provider’s enrollment. 


How can I attach supporting documentation to the provider revalidation application?

There is no need to upload documentation. The provider will enter the required information and complete an attestation form verifying that all of the information is correct. Revalidation FAQs PDF

How can I find my enrollment date?

You can find your enrollment date by calling the Provider Service Center at (888) 289-0709, option 4. Revalidation FAQs PDF

How can I find my provider type?

Visit the Provider Type/ Specialty listing document found here, go to and select the link titled “Provider Type and Specialty Listing” in the Provider Lists subsection, or please visit this link to view all provider manuals. Look in the “Billing Procedures” section of the manual or manuals that you think apply to your provider type to determine which procedures you bill for. This information will help you find your provider type. Revalidation FAQs PDF

How can I obtain more information regarding the new provider screening and other enrollment requirements?

A link to the Federal Register, Vol 76, No. 22, dated February 2, 2011, can be found on the SCDHHS website at

How can I pay my fee?

The fee can only be paid at The fee will be collected prior to the provider revalidation process. Revalidation FAQs PDF

How can I verify that my claims on the Web Tool have been submitted successfully?

If you received a batch number for the submission, then the submission reached MCCS. Go to Reports and click on the type of report that was sent (i.e.: CMS-1500, etc.). If a batch number is shown for the day and number of claims in the batch sent, the submission went through.

How can we get an enrollment status update?

Contact the Provider Service Center (PSC) (888) 289-0709, option 4 for Provider Enrollment.  Please have your Reference ID number available.

How can you find out MHN info for a beneficiary?

A provider can verify Medical Homes Network enrollment on the eligibility section of the Web Tool under the “Beneficiary Special Program Data” section.

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