Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions


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How can I obtain more information regarding the new provider screening and other enrollment requirements?

A link to the Federal Register, Vol 76, No. 22, dated February 2, 2011, can be found on the SCDHHS website at

Where can you find an out of state referral form?

That form can be found on

How do patients learn updated information?

Patients learn of updates at their enrollment anniversary dates, or you may share information with them.

Is an adjustment only done when you have been paid?

Yes, only paid claims can receive an overpayment or underpayment.

Can you add beneficiaries or other information to the TAD for me?

No, MCCS staff cannot add any information to the TAD. You can only make changes via DHHS Form 181, CRCF 01 and IPC change forms.

Is an eligibility signature required for termination? (Nursing Home)

No signature is required for terminations.

Can you assist with Medicaid/bed hold billing procedures?

An authorized SNF 181 along with a separate Medicare-to-Medicaid bed hold billing 181 is required.

Can I add a beneficiary to the TAD if documentation is not approved?

You must have authorized signed documentation in order to add a beneficiary to your TAD. You should not add a beneficiary before the DHHS 181 is forwarded to DHHS Medicaid Eligibility for approval. Contact your Eligibility office if additional information is needed.

What is the physical address to over-night a TAD?

The PO boxes and physical address are included in the Provider manual as well as on the mailing envelope.

For regular mail:
Medicaid Claims Receipt – NF Claims Section
Nursing Homes
P.O. Box 100122
Columbia, SC 29202-3122
Medicaid Claims Receipt – NF Claims Section
P.O. Box 67
Columbia, SC 29202
For UPS, FedEx, etc.
Medicaid Claims Receipt – NF Claims Section or CRCF Claims Section
8901 Farrow Road
Columbia, SC 29203

NOTE: Late change forms should be sent overnight or faxed, with all attachments, to (803) 870-9020. Forms should not be faxed unless they are sent past the deadline. Faxed corrections should be received no later than the third working day of each month for Nursing Home providers and the 17th day of the month for OSS providers.

Can you correct the 181/CRCF-01 form?

No. MCCS staff cannot make corrections to the DHHS Form 181 or CRCF 01 form.

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