Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions


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Can you print the batch ID?

Yes you can, by doing a file>print from the browser bar.

Where are your procedure codes located?

Procedure codes are located in Section 4 of your manual and the DHHS website.

Where do you get the bulletins?

You can sign up for e-bulletin on the page.

Where is the Provider Service Center located?

It is housed at MCCS.

Are program representatives organized by demographics?

Yes they are, depending on service area.

Does a beneficiary have to be on Medicaid to qualify for HIPP?

No, but they must be Medicaid eligible.

How often are provider manuals updated?

Provider manuals are usually updated monthly based on program area.

Who updates the website for manuals?

MCCS sends the updates and changes once received from DHHS.

If a beneficiary doesn’t have their copay, can you refuse them?

No, as a Medicaid provider you cannot refuse a beneficiary if they do not have their copay.

What do you do if a beneficiary is out of visit counts?

When checking eligibility, you will see what visit counts they have left. You can request more from your representative or treat them as a self pay.

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