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Frequently Asked Questions


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Are Web Tool lists separated by login?

No, your lists are sharable.

Can batches be deleted after they are sent?

No. Batches cannot be deleted at this time.

Can claims be lost via the Web Tool?

Generally, they don’t get lost using the web.

Can I check claim status on the Web Tool?

Yes. Key in the NPI or provider ID number and the recipient ID number and press submit.

Can I do a span date on the Web Tool?

Yes, by entering in information in the to and from fields.

Can we find edit codes on the Web Tool?

No, however the edit code listing is found in Appendix 1 of your provider manual.

Can Web Tool Lists be sorted by provider?

Not at this time. The Lists can be sorted by who created them. 

Can Web Tool users in the same organization see each other’s claim information?

Users in the same organization based on the provider’s NPI number will be able to see claim information entered by other users.

Can you copy a Web Tool batch and then later delete an individual claim?

Yes, you can copy batches and delete selected claims.

Can you correct a Web Tool claim online?

Yes; this can be done by submitting a new claim. 

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