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Frequently Asked Questions


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Are program representatives organized by demographics?

Yes they are, depending on service area.

Can I handwrite on the claim forms?

Yes you can, or you use a printing service.

Does the Medicaid card have all the information needed?

No, you should further investigate eligibility using eligibility resources and the information provided on the card.

For ambulatory care, are children under 19 exempt from copay?

Children under 19 are exempt from all copays.

How are MCO plans chosen for a beneficiary if they are auto-enrolled?

The plan is chosen based on the beneficiary’s needs, service area, and any needed specialists.

How can you get copies of enrollment letters?

To receive a copy of a beneficiary’s enrollment letter, they may contact Healthy Connections Choices or the beneficiary’s plan (that they were enrolled into).

How do patients learn updated information?

Patients learn of updates at their enrollment anniversary dates, or you may share information with them.

How does Medicaid know what the provider is receiving from another carrier/third party payer?

There are spaces/sections on the claim form that identify what you receive from the other carrier.

How often are provider manuals updated?

Provider manuals are usually updated monthly based on program area.

If a beneficiary doesn’t have their copay, can you refuse them?

No, as a Medicaid provider you cannot refuse a beneficiary if they do not have their copay.

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