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Frequently Asked Questions


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Will the system distinguish that a company has multiple provider numbers?

Yes, make sure all their information is correct when completing the claim form.

Will voids show up on the remit?



Do I still submit the UB-04 adjustment if I've submitted the credit balance report?

The MIVS credit balance reporting format is not eliminating or replacing a provider’s necessity to submit a UB-04 for claim adjustment(s).

How do I know that my credit balance report was received?

Providers may send an e-mail request for Medicaid credit balance receipt confirmation to

For questions call 1-888-289-0709 option 5, option 1.

Is the credit balance report replacing other credit balance reivews I receive from other agencies?

The Medicaid Credit Balance Report is not replacing the current credit balance reviews performed by other reviewing agencies. Providers are not to report other agencies’ identified claims on the Medicaid Credit Balance Report - this may cause possible duplication of claim recoupment. Providers impacted by such reviews need to continue their current procedure in responding to any correspondence received from other agencies’ credit balance reviews.

What is a credit balance?

A credit balance is a positive amount that remains in a patient’s account which may have resulted from multiple reimbursements from several payers, adjustments to previously paid claims of a provider, duplicate payment, or subrogation events due to accidents and other injury cases. When another third party payer reimburses a provider for claims that Medicaid paid, either in part or in full, a refund is due to the Medicaid Program.

When is the credit balance report due?

Reports are due by the 30th day of the following month after the respective quarter end. If the report has not been submitted by the due date, a late notification letter will be sent to the provider.

Where can I find the Medicaid Credit Balance Report forms?

The Medicaid Credit Balance Report Certification Page and Claim Detail forms can be found under the For Providers menu option at – see Credit Balance Forms.

Where do I send in my credit balance report?

The reports and checks may be mailed regular or certified mail to MIVS, Attn: Benefit Recovery – Credit Balance Reporting, P.O. Box 8355, Columbia, SC 29202-8355 or may be sent by facsimile to MIVS, Attn: Benefit Recovery – Credit Balance Reporting, 803-462-2582.

Why was my credit balance report rejected?

Providers that submit inaccurate or incomplete information will be notified of the rejected credit balance report. The provider will be instructed to re-submit another report for the applicable quarter.

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