I am a medical clinic and I see that other medical clinics are revalidating in June and July 2015. I haven’t received my revalidation notification letter yet. What should I do?

All medical clinics will revalidate within June, July or August 2015. If your clinic’s address information has changed recently and needs to be updated, please fax or mail a letter requesting an address change to MCCS Provider Enrollment on company letterhead. The Provider Enrollment fax number is (803) 870-9022. The address is Medicaid Provider Enrollment, P.O. Box 8809, Columbia, SC 29202-8809. The letter should include the provider’s legacy and NPI numbers, as well as the new address, along with the provider’s or an authorized person’s signature and a contact person’s name and telephone number in case there are any questions. Once the address information is updated and the revalidation notification letter is re-sent, the provider will still have 30 days from the date on the original revalidation notification letter to fully complete the provider revalidation process. If your clinic’s address information has not changed recently or has changed recently but the address change procedure was followed correctly, your revalidation notification letter will be mailed later in summer 2015. Revalidation FAQs PDF

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