What to Expect from a Site Visit (video)

Contacted for a site visit?*

Prepare... by having documentation ready.

*Per Federal requirements, 42 CFR 455.432, pre-enrollment site visits of providers who are designated as "moderate" or "high" categorical risks to the Medicaid program are required. The purpose is to verify that the information submitted to the State of South Carolina, Medicaid Provider Enrollment Unit, is accurate and to determine compliance with Federal and State enrollment requirements. For more information, visit: provider.SCDHHS.gov

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Script for video:

As part of your enrollment process, you may have been contacted about scheduling a site visit. If so, this overview will prepare you for a quick and easy experience.

After your visit is scheduled, we'll send you a copy of the core checklist and your specialty's supplemental checklist. The checklist is what we'll ask you for on the site visit, including requests for copies of things like a license or a phone bill that you'll need to provide us. Prepare by having copies of this documentation ready for us. Having these copies ready to go will speed up your site visit.

During the site visit you can expect that we'll tour your facility. We'll interview you according to the checklist. And we'll obtain the required copies. We'll let you know if you've met all the requirements for the site visit. Otherwise, you'll correct any outstanding items and send us proof following the visit. During your actual site visit, don't expect a final determination on your enrollment. We won't know until the full enrollment process is complete. Being prepared and knowing what to expect should make your upcoming site visit quick and easy.