What's at a Workshop? (video)

Bookmark and ShareThis promotional video describes what you can expect from a South Carolina Medicaid provider workshop. Ready to register?

Script for video:

[Provider testimonies:] The facilitators took the time to explain the information to everyone so they could understand it. Facilitators encouraged any questions to be asked & helped with specific questions. I am so grateful to the facilitators for assisting my business with getting information that is valuable.

At a South Carolina Medicaid provider workshop, you will interact with knowledgeable representatives; whose goal is to make sure you have what you need to interact successfully with Medicaid.

[Provider Relations Representatives:] With eligibility, it’s simple, just remember these three things... Here’s the easiest way to file your claim. You’ll need to do an adjustment. Find your remit right here on the Web Tool.

[Provider testimonies:] I didn’t get it at first. But that makes total sense now. Thanks! Thanks for the handouts. The handouts are a good resource. Handouts are wonderful! Thank you!