If I am currently enrolled in Medicare or with Medicaid in another state, will I have to go through the entire enrollment and screening process and pay another application fee to enroll in South Carolina Medicaid?

For 2015, SCDHHS must collect a $553 application fee prior to executing a provider agreement whether upon an initial enrollment, reactivation, revalidation or an enrollment to add a new practice location. [Note: $542 for 2014.] The provider enrollment application fee is applicable to providers that the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has identified as institutional providers.  South Carolina Healthy Connections Medicaid recognizes and enrolls the following institutional providers:  Ambulatory Surgery Centers, Community Mental Health Centers; Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Facilities; Durable Medical Equipment, End Stage Renal Disease Facilities; Federally Qualified Health Centers; Home Health Agencies; Hospices; Hospitals, Acute Inpatient Facilities, Inpatient Psychiatric Facilities, Inpatient Rehabilitation Facilities, Independent Clinical Laboratories; Skilled Nursing Facilities and Rural Health Clinics.

The fee is to be used to cover the cost of program integrity efforts including the cost of screening associated with provider enrollment processes. This fee can vary from year to year based on adjustments made pursuant to the Consumer Price Index for Urban Areas (CIP-U). A provider will be exempt from the fee if they have submitted and received approval for a Hardship Waiver request or they can demonstrate they are enrolled or have paid the application fee to Medicare and/or another state’s Medicaid or CHIP for the same enrollment location jurisdiction.  A different enrollment jurisdiction means “a new enrollment with an address different from a currently enrolled location.”  Individual physicians (sole proprietors enrolling with an EIN and Social Security Number (SSN) are considered individuals), non-physician practitioners and non-physician practitioner organizations are exempted from paying the enrollment application fee.

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