How do I enroll a new provider who has joined our group?

Individuals can be added anytime to a group without having to pay an application fee. If an individual wants to be added to a group that is not currently enrolled, the group will have to pay an application fee and enroll. Once the group is enrolled, the individual must then request to be added to the group. If the individual provider is already enrolled in South Carolina Medicaid, submit in writing an update request to have the provider affiliated with the group. The request must be on the business letterhead to include the Group’s Medicaid Legacy ID number and the provider’s NPI number with the provider’s or an authorized signature via Fax: (803) 870-9022 or Mail: Medicaid Provider Enrollment, PO Box 8809 Columbia, SC 29202-8809. Updates will be processed within ten (10) days of receipt.   If the individual provider is currently in the process of enrolling, the provider can indicate on the online application group affiliation.

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