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Glossary: Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do a span date on the Web Tool?

Yes, by entering in information in the to and from fields.

Can I handwrite on the claim forms?

Yes you can, or you use a printing service.

Can I request an extension?

Extensions will not be granted due to the stringent timelines mandated by Federal Regulation 455.104 (b), (c), and 455450 (e). Revalidation FAQs PDF

Can I save my provider revalidation application and return to it later?

Yes. There are certain points that are clearly defined in the provider revalidation application process where you can save your work and exit the application. An incomplete application will be deleted and unable to be recovered 30 days from the day the application was created. Revalidation FAQs PDF

Can MIVS track down where other payer’s money goes if you are not paid?

No, but they can contact other payers to obtain payment information.

Can the HIIRF form be faxed?

The HIIRF can be faxed to Medicaid Insurance Verification Services at (803) 252-0870.

Can we find edit codes on the Web Tool?

No, however the edit code listing is found in Appendix 1 of your provider manual.

Can Web Tool Lists be sorted by provider?

Not at this time. The Lists can be sorted by who created them. 

Can Web Tool users in the same organization see each other’s claim information?

Users in the same organization based on the provider’s NPI number will be able to see claim information entered by other users.

Can you accept a beneficiary as just a private pay patient even if they have Medicaid?

Yes, you just have to let them know before they receive any services.